Top 10 Richest Female Singers In The World In 2016

This is completely mind-blowing. You will be amazed at how much money top 10 richest female singers in 2016 are worth, and how they actually made that cash. What’s even more surprising is the fact that most of these beautifully and exceptionally talented signers are people you totally do not expect. These impressive ladies are crushing the fame game and have even crafted space for themselves in the industry. It is no doubt they have been working day and night to make it into this list. And it is not just their music that has propelled here; these 10 savvy business women know how to promote and invest.

10 Nana Mouskori Net Worth in 2016: $280 Million

Ever heard of a singer called Nana Mouskori? Guess your answer is no. But don’t worry, many people have never heard of her either; me included. The Greek-born singer enjoys a current net worth of $280 million. Recording in a huge array of languages and genres, this talented singer is arguably among the few singers on this list who appears to have forked out most of her money exclusively through singing. In addition to living in a lush mansion in Cologny, Switzerland, Mouskori has property everywhere in the world. She’s also among the top-selling artists of all time; hence, diversification is not really a problem for her.

9 Jennifer Lopez Net Worth in 2016: $300 Million

Now you know; Jennifer Lopez or, if you like “Jenny from the block”, has a current net worth of $300 million. Despite not making the majority of her money from singing, this wonderful lady was a judge on American idol’ where she netted a salary worth millions. She also has countless fragrance, clothing, accessory lines, as well as a few investments that make her income unspeakable. She also gets her wealth from her film career, for instance, her recent starring role on TV show “Shades of Blue” is believed to have earned her something beyond imaging’. Lopez currently resides in a penthouse apartment in New York.

8 Cher Net Worth in 2016: $320 Million

The Oscar award winner has an annual salary of $28 million. She currently divides her time between her small beach-house in Venice (worth $1.8 million) and a Malibu mansion (worth $45 million). Cher is among the best-selling artists of all time, and this has always been the case; from her early days as one-half of Sonny & Cher to her profoundly successful singing career as a solo artist. Some of her cash has also come from more than a few high-grossing films from the 1980’s to date.

7 Barbra Streisand Net Worth in 2016: $340 Million

The current net worth of Barbra Joan Streisand currently sits at $340 million. The singer first captured people’s attention as a teenager, making guest appearances on “The Tonight Show” and singing nightclubs. She transited into film after a successful turn on Broadway with “Funny Girl”. She earned via her various films and albums, as well as her work as a producer and director has earned her quite the fortune. Streisand resides in a stunning mansion in Malibu, but don’t even think of taking a picture of the mansion, lest she sues you.

6 Shania Twain Net Worth in 2016: $350 Million

The pop country star from Ontario, Canada, has a current net worth of $350 million in 2016. She is another artist with a fortune mostly amassed via her music. She became famous in the mid 1990’s, and is currently among the biggest country stars in the globe. Apart from her tours being routinely sold out as well as being high earners, Twain’s albums still sell incredibly well. [More about Shania Twain]

5 Dolly Parton Net Worth in 2016: $500 Million

Started from nothing, Parton not only wrote most of her own music but also she constantly put out good records year in, year out. Sometimes called the Queen of diversification’, the singer has made money in music, clothing, books, films, and of course her own theme park, called Dollywood. Can you imagine a theme park sold as being based on one country singer? In addition to these, Dolly Parton owns a huge array of property.

4 Gloria Estefan Net Worth in 2016: $500 Million

Gloria Estefan is another one many people have never heard of. But, despite this, she’s crunching down huge money; her current net worth is $500 million, joint with Dolly Parton. According to reliable sources, the Cuban-born singer made her wealth via her music, first in a group, and then as a solo artist. Estefan is among the most famous Spanish language singers not just in Europe but in the whole world. Aside from making a successful business career as an entrepreneur with her several Cuban-themed restaurants, Estefan owns a minor stake in the Miami Dolphins. She has also ventured in perfumes, books, and fashion.

3 Mariah Carey Net Worth in 2016: $520 Million

People know Mariah Carey, and this has been made possible by her distinct voice and stunning songs. Her net worth currently sits at $520 million. This wealth was not just amassed via her singing career; like Jenifer Lopez, she too worked as a judge on American Idol, and this earned her a salary of nearly $18 million dollars. Mariah Carey is currently headlining Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas for an undisclosed amount.

2 Celine Dion Net Worth in 2016: $630 Million

Making a name for herself in the 1980’s in Japan and Europe prior to taking the states by storm with her big debut English album unison, Celine Dion has a current net worth of $630 million. Her music career has spanned the years and earned her the immense majority of her wealth, although she has diversified into other ventures. Dion founded the Nickels fast food chain and has Les Productions Feeling Inc., a Quebec based agency for French-speaking singers. The icon also has a night club, a golf club, and a restaurant.

1 Madonna Net Worth in 2016: $1 Billion

Singer, entrepreneur, songwriter, and actress, what else has Madonna not done? And everything she has touched has paid dividends. With a current net worth of a whopping $1 Billion, Madonna is not just the richest singer in the female category but the richest singer in the whole world, gender aside. She is notable for her genre spanning back catalog of music and a reinvention on the stage. Other than music, this impressive lady has ventured in a huge array of merchandise, fragrances, makeup, books, clothes; you name it Madonna sells it. She founded Maverick, an entertainment company, owns a Hard Candy Fitness, has a chain of fitness stores, and has made appearances in television and film.


So, here they are; top 10 richest female singers in 2016. Money makes money, as can be seen in these artists whose little talents and spark of luck propelled them forward financially. They make it seem so easy to make a million dollar or two, but hell no, wake up, these artists work hard to reach where they are. Therefore, if you are an aspiring artist and you want to make it into this list, remember, it’s not all about singing; business comes in as well.

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