Taylor Swift Net Worth 2017

This article focuses on the Taylor Swift’s Net Worth. Taylor Alison Swift, American singer, songwriter, musician, and actress, has an estimated net worth of $250 million in July 2016. In 2006, she released her first album at the age of 16 and became one of the brightest and youngest faces of the country. Though Taylor was new to America, she had been performing from a very early age, She first participated theater as a children’s theater ensemble in Wyomissing, PA.

Swift was ranked in Forbes as the 69th most powerful celebrity with income of $18 million in 2009, 12th most powerful celebrity by an income of $45 million in 2010 and 7th most powerful celebrity by the income of $45 million in 2011.

Numerous accolades (six Grammy Awards, ten AMAs, seven CMAs, six ACMs and 13 BMI Awards) have been earned by Swift’s work. Her 20 million albums and 41.8 million digital tracks have been sold worldwide and made her one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

Target, Cover Girl, Sony, Elizabeth Arden, Walmart and American Greetings endorsed Swift. Besides her music career, Swift began her acting career in the crime drama CSI- Crime Scene Investigation (2009), the romantic comedy- Valentine’s Day (2010) AND The Animated film- The Lorax (2012).

Net Worth of Taylor Swift

Since 12.7.2016, the net worth of $310 million has come from $81 million from music sales, $417 million from concert tour earnings, $8.5 million from acting and $111 million from endorsement with companies. Total vast earnings of Taylor Swift are around $614 million since 2006. She also earned $61 million from the investment which enhances her wealth to $779 million. The final net worth of Taylor Swift is $310 million, excluding taxes and expenses of $471 million.

Taylor Swift Net Worth

Miley Cyrus’s net worth is $200 million, i.e. 56% lower than Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift’s net worth is 17% lower than Beyonce’s net worth i.e. $372 million. Selena Gomez’s net worth of $45 million is 5.6 times lower that the Diva’s wealth and Kobe Bryant’s wealth of $319 million are equivalent to Swift.

A wealth of Taylor Swift is 46% larger than LeBron James net worth of $210 million. Tom Brady’s net worth is half of the Taylor with $138 million and Bernie Sanders’ net worth of $5,28,014 is 582 times lower than Taylor and Hillary Clinton’s wealth is 10 times lower with $31 million.
At last, the median American household’s net worth is 4,525 times lower than Taylor with $68,000.

First hit single off Taylor Swift was released in 2006. Nine albums, dozens of singles, four world concert tours and five acting roles have been booming her, since that time. Taylor Swift’s income enlarged like a missile from eleven years as she started from $4 million in 2006 and ended at $307 million in 2016.

Breakdown of Taylor Swift’s Net Worth

Most of the stars earn with concert tours and the endorsements, but Taylor increased her wealth by music sales, investment income and acting revenue. Taylors wealth is also deducted from the taxes and expenses.

Thus we can see that Taylor Swift has got a very high net worth income. We have also compared the “Net Worth, Income” of Taylor Swift and have found that she is at par or at the top when compared to different Celebrities. The reason for this tremendous success of the celebrity is the passion and hard work, with which she has undertaken the journey of her life.

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