Justin Bieber Net Worth 2017

Pop star Justine Bieber has come a long way since his meteoric rise to fame as 14-year-old YouTube sensation coming from a single parent background. According to Forbes magazine, Justin Bieber net worth now stands at an impressive $200 million which is 60 times bigger than Barrack Obama’s net worth and 2800 times bigger than that of the average American household. This further expected to rise monumentally as his earning power is projected at $60 million annually.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Albums

The latest Bieber album “Purpose” complete with Mega-hits such as Sorry’, Love yourself’, and What do you mean’ took the billboard charts by storm. Within weeks of its release, the album sold over 1 million copies joining the ranks of his other top performing albums such as Believe, My World 2.0’ and My world’. His album sales have proven to be immensely lucrative for Justin Bieber with his 2010 album My World’ cashing in $6.5 million and the 2012 album believe’ fetching a whopping $7.5 million. Bieber’s music has also landed him on the box office with his feature film “Never Say Never” earning him $98 million worldwide.

Justine Bieber Concerts

Not only is Bieber’s music bringing in the mills but also his concerts have proven to be very rewarding with his ‘My World tour’ fetching $45 million followed by $13 million for 30 shows on the belief tour and another $43 million for 120 shows on the 2013 leg of the tour. His latest world tour which is the third worldwide tour by the pop artist commenced this March and is expected to come to an end September 2017 in Toronto. These concerts and tours have significantly contributed to Justin Bieber Net Worth.


And if you thought music was the only reason behind Justine Bieber Net Worth, you will be surprised to know that endorsements have also added a significant amount. His recent endorsement was in 2015 when giant label, Calvin Klein, signed the pop star as a brand ambassador. The celebrity has also continued earning royalties from his premiere fragrance that incepted in 2011 earning him a cool $3 million in 2012. His presence in the beauty industry goes way back in 2010 when he first struck a $4 million with cosmetic line Proactiv.

Justine Bieber Awards

Justin Bieber also has a couple of awards under his belt with the most recent being a GRAMMY for the Best Dance Recording. The singer also has a slew of other awards and honors including; People’s Choice Awards, eight American Music Awards, and a dozen of billboard music awards. He is widely attributed for his command of the stage and has always served as a regular stage performer in shows like the GRAMMY, American Music Awards, and the MTV Video Music Awards. Justin Bieber has been also involved in numerous charity events and programs meant to better the living conditions of communities across the world.

Over the recent past, Bieber has been forced to move from houses due to his hard partying lifestyle which doesn’t augur well with his neighbors. his palatial residence in gated Calabasas community in California was sold off to Khloe Kardashian for $ 7.5 million. fortunately, Justin Bieber has been doing a lot to revamp his dented image and next year looks promising to the young pop star with numerous endorsements and tours underway.

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