Floyd Mayweather Net Worth 2017

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is a celebrity who has his net worth back up his famous nickname. Mayweather has an estimated net worth of about $400 million. This information is according to the Celebrity Net Worth most of which are proceeds from his boxing career. For instance, his biggest fight of his career against Manny Pacquiao in the year 2015 generated him about $250 million. The total earnings of Mayweather’s career is around $700 million.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

How did he start?

Mayweather did fit his first ever pair of boxing gloves right at the age of seven. That is no surprise considering that his dad, Floyd Mayweather Sr. as well as his uncle Roger Mayweather, were great boxers. After he dropped out of high school with an aim of pursuing his boxing career, he started by competing in local boxing championships. By the year 1996, Floyd “Money” Mayweather had already won three Golden Gloves.

In the Olympic 1996, he won bronze medal before turning a pro shortly after. In the year 2007, Mayweather gained popularity in the boxing world in 2007 after defeating Oscar De La Hoya for the title of WBC light middleweight. In the year 2015, Mayweather retired from boxing with a record of 49-0.

During the period, Floyd Mayweather had made a lot of money through his boxing career that made him of the celebrated celebrities in the athlete category in the whole world. While many people might confuse his for showing off his wealth, he is one of the celebrated boxers who have shocked the world from his boxing skills.

He defeated Andre Berto in 2015, September; ending his approximately 20-year career with that of a 49-0 record previously help by Rocky Marciano’s of all-time record. In the year 2015, he was the top world’s highest-paid athlete especially after making over $250 million from the fights mainly against Manny Pacquiao. Most of people who knows him have always been praising Mayweather for his consistency in the boxing field. Most of the people think that has a fight grossed of over $600 million.

Mayweather has also made his fortune from sponsorship and endowments from some of the prominent companies in the US as well as other parts of the world. Most of these deals has made him earn about $150 million in cash without having to fight with opponents. Even after Mayweather retiring, he still makes money by selling his brand name to companies that needs him. He is among the top rated athletes who have made fortunes from the sport of boxing.

What he is up to now

Mayweather has retired from competitive boxing. However, he has entertained an idea of him coming out of retirement to try another fight. This is according to many reports in the past. In addition, he has Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation that is a foundation promoting education as well as community outreach in the city of Las Vegas. He has helped many students to go to school and fulfil their dreams by pursuing different courses.

Mayweather is known to donate to charities, which includes the Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas, Susan G. Komen Foundation, and the Three Square Food Bank. He loves the community around him.

In conclusion, the above is a review of the Floyd Mayweather Net Worth that every fan should know even as the boxer retires.

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