Bob Proctor Net Worth 2017

‘Proctor!’ is to many an exclamation meaning success; it has indeed become a household name that translates to financial fortune. Bob Proctor is the author of the best selling book ‘The Secrets’. He has been a pioneer of the laws of growing in riches. In this regard, he has been a motivational speaker on a number of occasions teaching and coaching millions of people about the techniques they could employ in cracking the Cicada codes of fortune; of becoming wealthy. Perhaps he has been significantly successful in this revolutionary quest.

Bob Proctor is seen to be at the best spots in the area of motivation in the world; perhaps this feat was accomplished by the inertia he has accumulated from his background which happens not to be one of sufficiency. Gathering so much lessons from his past, and how he sojourned into the limelight of financial elevation, he teaches his audience about the intricacies under having an ability and recognizing that you do. How to plough the soils of untapped abilities and make huge harvests out of them. Most reviews are of the opinion that his teachings are strongly based on the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill; however his manner of weaving the ideas before spreading them before his audience is one whose elegance can hardly be exaggerated. Having spent lots of years working on people’s mentality concerning wealth and making a fortune, he has recorded a good dealof testimonies and impacts on lives across the globe; painting them with the colors of success and prosperity. He has, in fact developed for himself a brand of motivational and inspirational speaking; uniquely associated to him worldwide.

As regards his uniqueness of speech, one can easily see a line that joins his past to his current state, given that he dropped out of school in 1960, and even had to entangle himself with jobs that were ‘despicable’ in the most honest however ugly accuracy description. Jobs that move him up debt rather than give him freedom financially. He had a goal; to mark a million dollars. This was when he met the book pdf Napoleon Hill, that ended up transforming his hope first, then himself altogether. With some support from his mentor Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor rose so fast to the stage of financial stability in about 35 days.

In about 13 months, he rose to the point of making uo to a thousand dollars, and in a short while afterwards, he scored his goal–$1million! Then he traveled to Chicago to have a personal interaction with his mentor Earl Nightingale. His administrative jobs so far has included being the Vice president of sales in a company. Then his public speaking duties internationally and locally. Today Bob Proctor is worth way around $700 million!

So far we have seen that Bob Proctor has believed and talked his way up to wealth. Since he believed in the financial vehemence of the mind, he preaches that the pipes filling your bank account leads from your head to the bank. Books by Bob Proctor like: Be Magnet To Money, New Paradigms,The Expression Of Your Power were big time financial successes that impacted Bob Proctor’s bank account as much as it positively impacted the bank account of its readers.

A worth of $700m dollars shows that the pipes leading from his head to his bank accounts are always gushing. It is not the financial net worth recognized by Forbes and the rest, those are just ephemeral hard copies of the main mental blueprint. Bob Proctor at the end most importantly has a mind with such a dazzling intellectual net worth as well running into millions. Certainly Bob Proctor author of famous “You Were Born Rich” was actually born rich in the mind!

$700m is no small worth you know!

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